Located at the top of a hill, Can Frare is private and is not overlooked by anyone. Surrounded on 3 sides by a pine forest, with 120,000m2 of its own farm land, the house is calm. There is a distant sea view on to the Bay of San Antonio and to the hills of Sant Josep and a view of the town below.

Can Frare is near some of the best beaches on the island. (1) Cala Gracio and (2) Gracionetta are 5 minutes away, (3) Punta Galera and (4) Cala Salada 10 minutes, (5) Platges de Conte, (6) Cala Tarida and (7) Cala Carbo 15 minutes, or (8) Salinas 20 minutes. This is the West Coast of the island, so many local sunset opportunities are available.  (9) Ibiza Town is 15 minutes away, as is (10) Santa Gertrudis. Can Frare is therefore private and convenient – near the best beaches, town and nightlife.

Cala Gracio beach
(1) Cala Gracio
Gracionetta - little cove and beach next to Cala Gracio
(2) Gracionetta
Point and headland Punta Galera
(3) Punta Galera
Cala Salada beach
(4) Cala Salada
Platges de Conte
(5) Platges de Conte
The beach at Cala Tarida
(6) Cala Tarida
The beach at Cala Carbo
(7) Cala Carbo
Las Salinas beach
(8) Salinas
Aerial view of Dalt Vila, Ibiza Town
(9) Ibiza Town
Santa Gertrudis town centre at dusk
(10) Santa Gertrudis