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Can Frare is cared for by 3 people: Lana Savic, Toni Prats and Jonathan Dudding.


Toni Prats


Tel: +34 672 323 922


Lana Savic


Tel: +34 638 682 072


Jonathan Dudding
Jonathan Dudding


Tel: +34 620 945 277

Toni Prats regards himself as the current guardian of the house – he is mindful that generations of his family terraced the land, cultivated it and built the house over the ages. We have therefore paid a great deal of attention respecting the traditional style of Can Frare. As a native before the start of tourism on Ibiza, Toni has a deep knowledge of the island and is a native Catalan and Spanish speaker.

Lana Savic worked closely with Toni in getting the feel of the house right, helping to maintain Can Frare’s heritage whilst making the house practical and pleasing. Lana is a native French speaker, fluent in English, Spanish & Serbo-Croat.

Jonathan Dudding is a British Chartered Financial Analyst. Jonathan assists with the administration of the project and is a native English speaker.

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